The Kentucky Wounded Heroes Scholarship Fund was created to provide funding for individuals qualifying as “Wounded Heroes”.  This fund is used to help the hero develop physically, civically, and socially through the sponsored activities.

In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates must:

  1. Be properly identified by a qualified prior or current employer (military, law enforcement, fire department or EMS unit) as a “Wounded Hero”.  The candidate must provide one of the following: evidence of an award of a purple heart; Veterans Affairs service connection ratings, or Line of Duty investigation for military members; a documented line of duty injury for law enforcement personnel, firefighters or Emergency Medical Response personnel.
  2. Be 18-years of age or older by the date the scholarship is to be awarded.
  3. Be qualified in all ways (including physically, medically, mentally and socially) to participate in the specific activity for which the scholarship will be awarded.
  4. Candidate must agree to attend the event and comply with all requirements and guidelines for the specific activity of the awarded scholarship.
  5. Have current or prior membership or leadership experience in an entity comprised of “first responders.”
  6. Complete and return scholarship application by either email or mail before set deadline for event.


The Board of Directors or Scholarship Fund Committee of Kentucky Wounded Heroes, Inc. will select scholarship recipients (subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Kentucky Wounded Heroes, Inc. if the selection is by the Scholarship Fund Committee).

No member of the Board of Directors or Scholarship Fund Committee, or his or her immediate family, shall be eligible for scholarship assistance during his or her tenure on the Board of Directors or Scholarship Fund Committee.   The Board of Directors retains the right to withhold scholarship grants for any reason. The race, religion, gender,  physical, medical, or mental capabilities of an applicant shall not be a consideration for the grant of a scholarship.  However, the scholarship may not be awarded if the candidate is unable to participate in an activity because of specified physical, medical, or mental limitations.

To apply for the scholarship, download the form and mail it to: 

Kentucky Wounded Heroes
Middletown City Hall
P.O. Box 43048
Louisville, KY  40253