Hunter Responsibilities

Kentucky Wounded Heroes
Scott County Deer Hunt
11-26 November 2023

Personal Equipment
1. Positive attitude
2. Orange hat and vest
3. Rain gear
4. Good water-resistant boots
5. Cold weather gear – recommend wool
6. Hunting license
7. Flashlight or head mounted light
8. Hunting knife
9. Working cell phone and charger
10. Liability waiver
11. Personal medications
12. Tobacco, if desired
13. Bedroll – sleeping bag and pillow
14. Large cooler

1. Minimum .243 caliber rifle – no AR-15s
2. 20 rounds of ammo
3. Already sighted in at 100 yards
4. Don’t carry rifle on person during climb to elevated stand – use provided rope
5. No night vision devices
6. If hunting from an elevated stand, use provided safety harness

Conduct – Because there will be multiple hunters in the field simultaneously, the following rules will be enforced:
1. No alcohol allowed anywhere on premises
2. Weapons must be loaded/unloaded in stand only
3. Stay in assigned blinds – don’t wander away from assigned position
4. Be aware of what’s in your field of fire
5. To honor property owner’s request, a doe must be taken before a buck
6. If a buck is taken after a doe, it must be at least an 8-pointer

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