Youth Deer Hunt, October 7-10

October 07 - 10
Warren County,

A deer hunt for dependents of veterans is being planned for October 7-10.  This includes  Goldstar families, Purple Heart recipients, and disabled veterans. The hunt will be limited to 14 youth. Each child that is selected will be given an educational excuse to provide to their school prior to the hunt. A local game warden or DNR representative is scheduled to teach classes on hunting and safety.  We are requesting one parent or family member accompany the child on the  hunt. If that is not possible, we can still accommodate the child. There are two Warren County farms utilized in this hunt. Drop off will be at noon on Thursday October 7 and pick up will be no later than 1300 on Sunday October 10.  Buck Parker is the Point of Contact for this event.  Buck’s number is:  606-367-1410