Event Application Guidelines

Sponsored events by the Kentucky Wounded Heroes are provided to benefit “Wounded Heroes”.  These events are designed to help the hero develop physically, civically, and socially through the sponsored activities.

In order to participate in these events, applicants must:

  1. Be properly identified as a “Wounded Hero”. If the applicant has not attended a previous KWH event, they must complete the Kentucky Wounded Hero Registration form. The form may be accessed at the following link: https://kentuckywoundedheroes.net/register/
  2. Be 18-years of age or older by the date the event is held.
  3. Be qualified in all ways (including physically, medically, mentally, and socially) to participate in the specific activity defined by the event.
  4. Agree to attend the event and comply with all requirements and guidelines for the specific activity.
  5. Agree that unexcused failure to attend an event will affect consideration/selection for future events.
  6. Agree to contact the Event Coordinator no less than 7 days prior to the event’s scheduled start date if unable to attend.

The Board of Directors or a Board designated Selection Committee of Kentucky Wounded Heroes, Inc. will select participants from the pool of applicants for a particular event.

The Board of Directors retains the right to withhold participation approval for any reason. The race, religion, gender, physical, medical, or mental capabilities of an applicant shall not be a consideration for participation approval. However, approval may not be awarded if the candidate is unable to participate in an activity because of specified physical, medical, or mental limitations.

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